Opening night at Mates in Bowls

This article originally appeared on the Bowls New Zealand site

It was opening night for Mates in Bowls, Mt Albert style last Thursday. Just after 5.30pm teams starting arriving. A flurry of introductions of new team members, paying the subs to the man at the desk by the door whose suggestive selling technique ensured you also purchased a couple of raffle tickets, a meal ticket and quick visit to the bar to hydrate prior to the game.

After a brief and warm welcome by the club boss and the sponsor, I now have a contact for plumbing supplies by the way, we headed off to our designated rink. “I haven’t played since last summer” and “this is my first game” were common opening lines. Jandals, shorts and hoodies (it was cold) were the stock uniform as we got underway.

The 6 end game rushed by, all over in about 40 minutes, 2 wrong bias, 3 in the ditch and a “toucher” all in the first end. A first up 6-4 win was celebrated by re-hydrating and then on to rink 8 for the second game. We had 5 players for 3 spots so rotated the team so everyone had a game. Some bloke who said he had only played a couple of times was too good for us, so we went down 4-7. We were happy with a win and loss. Into the club house where the meal was corned beef, potatoes and salad, washed down with a couple of ales. We didn’t win the ham raffle.

Mates in Bowls is great fun, you don’t need any experience in bowls, just a few mates and couple of hours after work. The good people at the club, just like Padric, Jim and Owen at Mt Albert will look after you and get you started. Check out the Bowls NZ website for where to find a club near you. Mates in Bowls – too easy.