Don’t let the fact that you’ve never played bowls put you off giving it a go!


Mount Albert Bowls takes the responsibility of nurturing new talent seriously. It won’t matter whether you’re joining because you want to get out and about on the weekends, whether you’ve signed up to get some gentle exercise or because you’ve a plan afoot to play for New Zealand one day – we’ll make sure you get a good grounding so that your bowls experience is productive and pleasant. The new player experience needs to be friendly and it needs to give the new player an introduction that encourages them and allows them to see results and set goals.


We can put that in place no matter your age or your aspirations. All our members are encouraged to take new members under their wing. The club has guidelines in place to make your experience friendly and fruitful and the rules provide for a safe, polite and fun atmosphere.


Even casual players who don’t intend playing in club events or on inter-club days can be given enough coaching so that their afternoon roll-ups are fun and not frustrating!


1 – 5 year bowlers are encouraged to attend Tuesday and Thursday evening training sessions with Padric Matich – our Junior Coach. 1 – 5 year bowlers should also give serious thought to attending the excellent Winter Bowls Weekend Training Sessions at those Auckland clubs with all weather greens that offer the off-season coaching.


New Casual Bowlers or bowlers that want some one on one sessions should get in touch with the club by email