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Want to play in the Business House Bowls? Why not sign your work up? Play and have fun with your colleagues and meet new people… Business House Bowls is on again at the Mighty Mount Albert Bowling Club. If you are interested in being part of Auckland’s biggest and best social bowling competition.


We do need your registration forms filled in and emailed back to us (or dropped into the club) in January  for final registration.


Registration Form      

Our next Business House Bowls tournament Kicks off in February 2020 for 4 weeks. Enrol now to ensure you get a spot, first come first serve basis-therefore do not delay in forwarding your entry forms and registration fees.


We look forward to a good competition and seeing everyone again this season



Teams: Teams of three, with at least two members of the team being non registered bowlers. First Year Players will be permitted to play as non registered bowlers. The registered bowler must play as the lead or the second in the team. Teams may be male, female or mixed with no age limit.



Bowls: If a team requires bowls the club is able to provide them. We have spare sets of bowls which will be allocated to the teams who require them. The boxes will be labelled with the team name. It is the team’s responsibility to pick the bowls up from the locker room before play and to return them there at the end of the night. Under no circumstance are the bowls to be removed from the club premises.


Conditions of Play: Two games each evening of 2 Bowl triples, 6 ends with no time limit. A wrong bias may be played again. A killed kitty will be placed on the 2 metre mark and the end will be continued until completed.


Score Cards: Teams will have a score card for each nights play. At the end of the night it is the responsibility of the Team Leader to fill in the score card and hand it in to the designated person. You should record whether the game resulted in a – Win / Loss or a Draw, the Number of Ends your team won, the number of Points your team scored and the number of Points the opposition scored. On the final night there will be a score card for each of the games. Both cards will be handed out at the beginning of the night. At the end of the first game the score card is to be handed to the designated person.


Results: Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss. Nightly results and overall results will be based on Wins, Ends Won, the Points Differential (the difference between the winning team’s points and the losing team’s points), and finally Points for. Prize money will be awarded to the winner and runner-up for each green each night. The nightly prizes will be given out before the commencement of play the following week. Prize money will be awarded to First, Second and Third Teams on each green over the four nights of the competition. The prizes for the final night’s play and for the overall results will be given out during the meal in the lounge on the final night. The best two teams over the combined November and February events will be entered in the Auckland Bowls Social Bowls finals day.


Casual Participation: Non registered bowlers will be asked to fill in identification details on a Casual Participation form which will be forwarded to Auckland Bowls Inc. Enquiries Contact us via email if you are interested in joining in the fun. Or download the registration form here Registration 2015 (social)